Over the years we have grown as true professionals and as reputed builders in the market we have fulfilled dreams of many of our customers for their living abodes and also working areas for complete range of residential and commercial customers..

Our growth was systematic and rapid.We never lost sight of our basic philosophy,painstaking attention to detail and emphasis on Quality and reliability.
We are proud of our customers who are our brand ambassadors, with their support and encouragement we were able to complete the projects and achieve 100% occupancies which was an effortless task.

All our projects reflect our understanding of human needs and the cherished values of our society. Strict adherence to the guidelines for construction standards, excellent living environment, and ample living space, adequate space for children’s play needs and provision for leisure activities is built into each of our prestigious projects..

Our legacy is shaped by an accomplished team of dedicated engineers and work force. Delivering unfailingly over all these years,
Archies has earned the trust of discerning clients who are our ambassadors and few of them are repeat clients. We believe in the concept of ”customer for life” ie One time buyer in to life time customer.

The trust is enhancing with each passing year…