About Us

We offer an integrated building services through our experience and expertise tailored to client needs keeping in mind four important parameters called cost, quality, time & safety. We offer variety of services which a building construction needs either in piecemeal or on a various package as listed under “our services”

These services are extended to small, medium and large projects.

ARCHIES has been involved in construction projects such as townships, residential developments, high-rise buildings, IT parks, hotels, shopping malls, commercial spaces, Farm houses, Industrial buildings etc etc.

ARCHIES is providing end-to-end solutions to the Construction Industry using the best of global standards and practices

We also specialize in Cost Consultancy and Design Development (Architectural as well as MEP) through our assocites. .
ARCHIES also offers Program & Process Review Services and Quality, Cost & Safety Services and is well equipped to offer range of Development solutions (like turnkey, design & build, construction management at risk) to its clients.

Each industry-whether it is, Commercial, Residential or Hospitality or any other, benchmarks are established and hence offer solutions keeping in mind both the Client’s requirement and the industry norms. We ensure that budget overruns, delays in scheduling or design errors are avoided and we take pride in delivering consistent results that help our clients achieve their objectives.

ARCHIES abides by the core values of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency and aims to deliver world-class services for all housing needs.


Over the years we have grown as true professionals and as reputed builders in the market we have fulfilled dreams of many of our customers for their living abodes and also working areas for complete range of residential and commercial customers. Our growth was systematic and rapid.We never lost sight of our basic philosophy, painstaking attention to detail and emphasis on Quality and reliability.


Archies Projects Pvt.Ltd. has a fine reputation for professionalism and quality and on time delivery in construction. Modern innovative Construction techniques, latest technology, automation and advanced quality products and quality in construction is the hall mark of Archies Projects. In 1994 we articulated a mission. The mission was to fulfil the dreams of every Indian for a beautiful, cosy home built…

Our Vision Mission

To use the cutting edge of technology in the construction Industry in order to to provide“an enhanced lifestyle coupled with sustainable environment, sustainability is an integralpart of our strategy. Our vision is to provide high quality environment for joyous living and make it affordable to all classes of society and further create spaces for working purposes at an affordable cost and with all facilities and amenities to accommodate all segments of the population.

ISO Cerification

In-line with ARCHIES forward-thinking approach in managing their strategies and to formalize the already existing systems and procedures, the company is implementing the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. A quality management system is a best practice guidance document that helps organizations meet and continually improve customer satisfaction and quality requirements.