About Us

Since two decades we articulated a mission. The mission was to fulfil the dreams of every Indian for a beautiful, cosy home built with not just bricks and cement but with love and family values. Thus was born Archies projects. The Archies mission is based on a triad of interrelated forces. The first component was our customers. We believed in Mahatma Gandhiji’s dictum.

The customer is the reason for our existence. His expectations are our engine for growth and his satisfaction is our reward and profit. The beginning was small but sure because we believed in the old Indian values of quality, integrity, economy and timeliness. And over the last fourteen years though we had grown in size and increased the number of habitations we had created and we never lost our focus to create a nurturing environment where a family can live and enjoy life.

Our great leader, Indiraji had stated a mission for the country   Roti, Kapda aur Makan. We, on our part, felt our contribution should be in the area of housing. The economy had become a high growth economy and the residential and commercial sector was booming. As the economy opened up, the investors began to look for opportunities for wealth enhancement by partnering entrepreneurs with commitment, sincerity and loyalty. Thus was born the second component of our triad. Our investors are with faith and zeal to participate in the great Indian development saga. The third component is our team of in-house associates. They shared our vision and mission. They were willing to put forth the best of their talents, skill and time to create an organization with time tested core values but capable of acting with the elan of the new millennium.


Over the years we have grown as true professionals and as reputed builders in the market we have fulfilled dreams of many of our customers for their living abodes and also working areas for complete range of residential and commercial customers. Our growth was systematic and rapid.We never lost sight of our basic philosophy, painstaking attention to detail and emphasis on Quality and reliability.


Archies Projects Pvt.Ltd. has a fine reputation for professionalism and quality and on time delivery in construction. Modern innovative Construction techniques, latest technology, automation and advanced quality products and quality in construction is the hall mark of Archies Projects. In 1994 we articulated a mission. The mission was to fulfil the dreams of every Indian for a beautiful, cosy home built…

Our Vision Mission

To use the cutting edge of technology in the construction Industry in order to to provide“an enhanced lifestyle coupled with sustainable environment, sustainability is an integralpart of our strategy. Our vision is to provide high quality environment for joyous living and make it affordable to all classes of society and further create spaces for working purposes at an affordable cost and with all facilities and amenities to accommodate all segments of the population.

ISO Cerification

In-line with ARCHIES forward-thinking approach in managing their strategies and to formalize the already existing systems and procedures, the company is implementing the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. A quality management system is a best practice guidance document that helps organizations meet and continually improve customer satisfaction and quality requirements.